These are not made by G&G Soaps.

Multifunction Eye Mask – A powerhouse combination of hyaluronic acid, collagen, refreshing vitamin c serum, 24k gold work together to calm and soothe, improve elasticity, reducing dark circles. Hyaluronic acid provides instant and lasting moisturizing, whitening, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, nourishing skin for eye skin. Collagen promotes the regeneration of skin cells, greatly promotes the growth of skin collagen, effectively restores skin elasticity and firmness.

100% Natural Portable Eye Mask – Stimulates and regenerates skin cells, dramatically elevate your own skins collagen growing ability. Removes dark circles under the eyes, the best patches in the fight against puffy eyes.Your face looks fresh and rejuvenated.Deep hydration allows you to achieve the best anti-wrinkle anti-aging result and then this will restore elasticity and firmness to your skin, puffy eyes, fine lines, crows feet and the appearance of bags and dark circles under your eyes

HOW TO USE: Refrigerate under eye treatment masks overnight for the best spa-like treatment and experience no DRIP or SLIP! After cleansing your face apply eye mask and stick around your bottom of the eye. Let sit until fully absorbed about 15~20 minutes, gently massage the skin around eyes.The eye mask serum will be absorbed perfectly, so you will feel clean and refreshing after using.

Ingredients: Collagen