We are partnering with Big Barn Brewing Co. in Green Bluff, WA to bring you top notch beer soaps. This intoxicating scent inspired by Lone Pine Pilsner with Fresh, brisk Frasier Fir, clean and refreshing in any season.

Why this soap and beer was named “Lone Pine Pilsner”;

“This German-style pilsner is craft beer made simple. Here in the Spokane County, the Ponderosa Pine is king. Many Ponderosas stand tall as property or fence line markers in this high desert transition zone. This clean, traditional German Pilsner is made almost exclusively of pilsner malt, our German noble hop of choice – Hallertauer, and lagered for a couple of weeks to ensure a fresh, easy-drinking brew that will stand tall and resilient for years to come.”
-Big Barn Brewing

Ingredients: Palm Oil, Beer from Big Barn Brewing, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Fragrance Oil, Mica Powder